Price List

I’ve currently chosen to specialize in one area of quilting, Edge to Edge, also known as All Over. This means the quilting pattern is stitched from one raw edge of the quilt to the other, from top to bottom, regardless of the piecing pattern of the quilt top. It is the most economical, budget-friendly option, and typically has the shortest turn-around time.

My current rate is $3.75/ Square Foot. Click here to get a quote for your project.

To calculate the costs to have your quilt professionally quilted for you, you will need to find the square footage of your quilt and multiply that number by the above rate of $3.75. Simply multiply the width by length in inches, and divide by 144. As an example, an average Queen size quilt measures 84 x 92, which equals 7,728 inches. Divide 7,728 by 144, which equals 53.67 square feet. Next, take the square footage and multiply by $3.75. In our example, 53.67 multiplied by $3.75 equals $201.26. So, the average Queen size quilt will incur $201.26 in quilting charges.

Additional fees include a $35 loading fee, regardless of the quilt size. This includes a light pressing of the top and backing. However, if either is excessively wrinkled, not squared-up, or is in poor shape, there will be an additional $25 added to the final receipt. Please see Frequently Asked Questions for more information. The condition of the quilt top and backing will be discussed during our initial consultation.

A nominal charge for thread will apply, depending on the density of the quilt design chosen. I almost always use Superior Threads, specifically King Tut and Bottom Line. I know how they behave and I love the results. I have several colours in stock from which to choose, though I can order any colour you can think of… and many more you can’t. I’m blown away by the choices!

If you’d like to hang your quilt for display or judging, I can attach a 4 inch hanging sleeve. A $25 fee will be added regardless of the quilt size.

No time to wash, dry and press your backing fabric? No problem! Simply add $15 to your estimate and I will do it for you.

You are welcome to provide your favourite batting, though I reserve the right to refuse. I’m all for saving money, but if it’s been in a package for 25 years, or has been salvaged from another project, it’s likely not worthy of all the time and effort you’ve placed in assembling your quilt top. Use it to stuff a pillow or for a dog bed, but even then, Rover deserves the best!
For your convenience, I carry a few choices of quality batting for your selection. If you’re having trouble making a decision, I’m happy to offer some suggestions to help narrow the choices. For example, a quilt made to hang on the wall as art can use a different batting than one made for a bed. A baby quilt, which will be subject to many washings, should use a different batting than a quilt which will receive occasional use.

I carry Hobbs batting exclusively as a personal preference, as well as it being a popular choice amongst fellow quilters. I’ve worked with it extensively and it never lets me down. Selection includes 80/20 @ $16.50/metre, Natural Cotton @ $19.50/metre, Polydown crib size (45×60) @ $7.85. If you’d like to splurge and truly make your quilt an heirloom masterpiece, I can custom order Heirloom Wool or Tuscany Silk @ $22.85/metre. They quilt like butter and feel as amazing as they sound.

And, don’t think I’ve forgotten about all you Hand-Quilters out there! I can blend modern technology with traditional methods by using the machine to BASTE the layers of your quilt together. This will save you lots of time, strain, and energy! You will complete your quilt with hand-quilting, and the rest of us will marvel at your mastery. The same $35 loading fee will apply, though Basting is only $1/ SQ.FT

AT LAST! Quilting is over and onto the binding! The binding is often the final step to any quilt project, and I’m happy to help you get one step closer to the finish line. I’ll square-up the edges, trim the excess batting away, and machine stitch the binding to your quilt for the following rates. Crib/Lap @ $20, Double/Queen @ $30, King @ $40.
The only thing you will need to do is to add your finishing touch by hand-sewing, or to machine-finish the outer edge of the binding to the back side of the quilt.

There you are, another UFO DONE and OFF your list!

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