Latest Customer Quilt

This Week's latest customer quilt is Philip's scrappy log cabin. It's a very elegant cabin as it's made from a mixture of fabrics with lots of decorator fabrics thrown in. Chintzes, brocades, satins blend beautiful with humble cotton checks in various scales. Appropriately, Philip chose to use "Diamonds" as the quilting pattern. Of course! Nothing more elegant than Diamonds. Too bad they weren't the real thing!
In this case, the Diamonds were courtesy of Quilt Path, the computerized system on my fabulous APQS Millennium. I think it was a good choice as the Diamonds are what I call an "open" pattern. The stitching is not very dense and the lines do not cross. This was important because we didn't want the quilting lines to try to follow the lines of the log cabin piecing. There's no way they could have been consistently accurate across the whole quilt. Not even Quilt Path is that perfect! It can't account for imperfections of one's piecing. After-all, WE'RE only human.

The Diamonds stitch across the quilt on a angle, which helps break-up the linear lines of the log cabin. A couple of the blocks had a little fullness in them, so the open pattern of the Diamonds stitched around and across the fullness without creating puckers or tucks in the fabric. Both top and backing were smooth, which is one of the joys of quilting on a long-arm machine. Everything feeds so smoothly. Philip choose a neutral shade of Superior's Bottom Line thread for both the bobbin and top threads. Again, I think this was a wise choice as we did not want to over-power, or clutter the quilt with more pattern and colour. The scrappy piecing of the log cabin provided all of that! Philip wanted the quilting stitches to blend with the fabrics so that mainly the texture was visible, not so much of the thread.

Sew many possibilities!